The Fort Worth Confederate Grays were formed in 1907 from the R. E. Lee Camp 158# United Confederate Veterans.  Because an average of three elderly veterans a week passed away, a need arose to form a unit for military grave dedications.  Out of approx 1200 members, two companies were organized to fill this need.  The Grays were a visible and viable part of Fort Worth's early history.  Many members were pillars in the Fort Worth and surrounding communities as far as industrial, political and educational fields.  In the 1930s, the Grays faded into the annals of history.  We have, as descendants of the Grays, the desire to continue their legacy and have dedicated ourselves to the task.  

There are great historical images below.  Click the images to see the full sized versions.  Please enjoy!

Great newspaper article from Ft Worth,
contributed by Bill Morris.

Decatur UCV Camp

Weatherford UCV Camp

Tom Green Brigade, T.V.C., DallasReunion, 1902



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